At home with Blathnaid

I recently started a portrait series that I want to continue over the coming weeks and months, the basic idea behind the project is getting the subject to select a location that means something to them or is comfortable to them. It's a really basic idea, but I'm excited to see how the series turns out and the variety of images I may be able to get by getting the subject to choose the location.

This is the first shoot of the series with Blathnaid from Distinct Model Management , we've shot together a few times before and its always really fun when we shoot.

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Aliv - We Own Summer (2017 Campaign) + BTS Video

Back in July, I was commissioned by In The Company of Huskies to fly to The Bahamas from NYC to shoot the Summer campaign for Aliv. I had shot for Aliv a few months before that, except that time we shot in a cold studio on a rainy day in Dublin. This was my first time travelling for a job, which was amazing, and the fact that it was travelling to The Bahamas made it that bit better. We shot the stills campaign on the same night as the TVC shoot (TVC below), so it was a long night working around the commercial crew but it was a pleasure. Huge shoutout to the Huskies team for trusting me with this campaign and making it a pleasure to shoot.  Art Director: Chloe Hines / Agency Producer: Ciaran Walsh / Account Director: Elaine Knowles.

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LES book outtakes

A couple weeks ago I announced the release of my first self-published book, LES. 

LES is a documentary and portrait project I shot in August while I was living in New York for the Summer. The project was shot within the four fences that enclose LES Skatepark in Chinatown. Before I even moved to New York I knew I wanted to shoot some sort of photo project in LES. I've been skating for 10 years, and have dreamed of skating in NYC since, and as LES is pretty much at the core of the scene over there it made sense to shoot something based around the park. I spent the majority of August focused on shooting this project, 4-5 days a week I'd head to LES to skate for a few hours and shoot some photos. I actually didn't bring my camera to the skatepark at all during the first month that I skated there, as I wanted to get a feel for the park and be somewhat recognised by the locals as a skater rather than just a photographer trying to get some skate photos. There are actually very few 'typical' skate photos in the book, the majority are documentary shots of the daily happenings in the skatepark and some portraits of locals, I was hyped to get to shoot a portrait of NYC skate legend Steve Rodriguez and his son Shiki (who also rips) and include them in the book, as Steve was one of the main reasons the skatepark got built.

The photos I included are outtakes that didn't make it to the book, but are shots that I still love. Pick up a copy of the book here!


Low Rock Swimmers: Project preview

I've been working on a new personal project over the last couple weeks and wanted to share a small snippet of it. The project is based around Low Rock in Malahide, and the people who swim in the sea there. I drive past Low Rock a couple times a day and am always amazed at the people who are out swimming in the sea no matter how cold or poor the weather is. It's been fun stopping by Low Rock a couple times a week and getting to know these people, I'm excited to see where this project goes.


Legendary footballers staring into my camera

Over the Summer I got access to some really cool events thanks to Daniel Dennehy, a super talented freestyle footballer I bumped into in NYC (he also grew up in the town next to me in Dublin). Daniel was hosting a football event for Adidas with Juventus FC, and performing at an FC Barcelona world-record attempt event. He invited me along to shoot some photos of him at these events and got me a photo pass for them in the process.

The first event was the Adidas Tango League tournament in Brooklyn Navy Yards. Juventus were in New York for a friendly with FC Barcelona, and were due to stop by the tournament to present the winning team with their trophy. The pass that I was given, gave me full access to the event and team, and with no client or shotlist to please, I was free to shoot what ever I wanted. I set myself the goal of shooting a portrait of Gianluigi Buffon, the legendary Italian and Juventus goalkeeper, and just as Juventus were leaving the event and heading back to their bus, I managed to grab Buffon's attention for a few seconds to snap 3 frames.

Mattia De Sciglio

Mattia De Sciglio









Massimiliano Allegri, Juve manager

Massimiliano Allegri, Juve manager

The second event was a world record attempt for FC Barcelona fans to create the 'largest human jersey'. Daniel was doing a freestyle show at the event, which took place in Bryant Park and over 4000 fans took part. Among the crowd was Arsenal and Barcelona legend, Thierry Henry. I really wanted to shoot a portrait of Henry but the amount of people at the event and the short amount of time he was there for made that impossible. The closest I managed to get was a few feet away from Thierry amongst a pool of photographers, however he seemed to find some solitude in my lens as he stared into it for a couple of frames.


The man himself who made these shots possible. Thanks again for inviting me along!!


NYC Street Skate with Nick & Cody

Skating down Canal Street weaving through rush-hour traffic with two skaters I met in the skatepark just a couple hours before. Trying to keep up with them while holding a Canon 5D to my eye and shooting photos. Building a ramp out of a piece of wood and a parking meter in Soho, and skating it between the traffic and pedestrians. A spontaneous afternoon resulting in some of my favourite photos of the Summer.



The blog is back..

I've decided to resurrect this blog to keep an updated flow of work and other projects on this website. 

The last few months

I've been living in New York since the end of May, I moved here with the plan of shooting a tonne of work for myself for the Summer. I had a few projects in mind that I wanted to shoot when moving over here, some of which are in progress, some I'm yet to begin and others will never see the light of day. Since I've moved to New York, I've travelled to the Bahamas to shoot an ad campaign for ALIV with Dublin based agency In The Company of Huskies, visited Sinead in LA which resulted in shooting two personal projects and a video, and I've been skating a lot in LES.


I'll be posting photos and videos from the last 2 months on here over the next few weeks until the blog is up to date with all the good stuff since I moved to NY. In the meantime checkout my Instagram to see what I've been shooting and doing.